The Prerequisite For Love

“So that’s it?” “Yeah." “You don’t want to be with me anymore and that’s it?” “Yup.” “How long have you felt this way?” “It’s been awhile. Things have been building up. Resentments.” “Resentments?” “Yeah. I’m just not happy.” “I’m a bit confused. You promised me you would never do this.” “I’m unhappy and I’m tired... Continue Reading →


Nighttime Chronicle

Dim, urban streets whisper fearful stories to peripheral characters with infernal agendas. Embers flicker from an open fire set in a vacant park, the spiritless relishing the warmth, most satisfying in the dark. Twisted streets lights hover, their rays struggling to ignite as they try to shed light on the evil under a dingy sky.... Continue Reading →

2 Haiku poems: Hidden Night

I find that evenings are really great for writing Haiku poetry. Tonight it's raining and I felt inspired. ❤   The day surrenders. Light outside has diminished. An ebony hue.   Under velvet sky a part of the underworld shares a spring secret.     Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

Soul Drip

Tears in my eyes Wet with the lubricant of my soul. And yet Love still departs, opaque. Stoical. No words, just eyes that resemble a Pandas Black rings remind me of gold ones That could be gracing moist fingers.   And as my Soul resumes dripping The Panda mask falls mixing purple with black and... Continue Reading →

2 Haiku Poems: Write Night

This is my first proper attempt at Haiku poetry. I've been practising for a few hours now- it's pretty fun!   Brainstorming begins. Imagination takes hold. No editing yet.   Ink and paper merge. Endless chicken scratch ensues. A new story dawns.     Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

City Dreams

  Pulsating city strife breaths Life into a wintery gaze Enveloping the city and the noise in a way That drowns out the sound of the Sigh of congested dreams The remnants of a vision that isn’t what it seems   Just look outside to the city streets The steely buildings and infrequent trees The... Continue Reading →

The Promise

Talib crouched behind the Volkswagen and watched as yet another heavily armed guard stalked past the car, crossing over and disappearing around the corner on the other side of the road. He had evaded detection for the third time that evening but it had been incredibly close. Earth was no place for a trainee mage.... Continue Reading →

Caught Off-Guard

“When was the last time you picked up your bible?” My Dad looked down the length of his nose at me and I caught the flare of his nostrils. He’d found me in the kitchen getting a drink and had come to the conclusion that this was the best time to interrogate me about my... Continue Reading →

Grey Sunday

Cotton clouds occupy an iron sky And weep acidic rain typical for a sullen Sunday A bleak winter landscape greets me as I Leave my house in muted melancholy- rather like the sky No sliver of heat, no smattering of gold Just frozen woes sung by the ice and sunless cold I open my umbrella,... Continue Reading →

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