The Wound

One day she woke up and realized she wasn't hurting as much as before. The wound was still there, but the pain duller, more of an ache that intensified at certain times. Like first thing in the morning. She would open her eyes, and the wound was there, dismantling her peace,  trying it's best to... Continue Reading →


I Haven’t Disappeared Forever…Promise.

Hey everyone ❤ How have you all been? Hope you've all been very well, and healthy in your individual; life journeys. I'd been putting off writing this post but I owe it to the people who visit my blog- especially since I committed to a weekly schedule. Well, things have changed in my world and I... Continue Reading →


  I knew I'd felt it again between my ribs, above my breasts. That familiar pang of grief I felt whenever I remembered. I continued to search inwards, devouring hope, eye on the clock. Was yet another mistake made? Or would this be the final death knell?   I stared stupidly at the chasm left... Continue Reading →

2 Haikus: Fox

Good evening/morning wherever you are in the world ❤ I spent much of this evening reading and analyzing another of Ted Hughes unique animal poems. The one I've been looking at is called The Thought-Fox and blends the idea of poetic inspiration and the vivid description of the animal incredibly well.  The atmosphere of the poem, which is... Continue Reading →

2 Haikus: Winters End

Hey everyone ❤ As we inch closer into Spring I thought some weather-related Haikus would be fitting.     March showers tarry Hampering wandering souls Who cling to Springs dreams.     Sodden and wilted Dahlias and hyacinths Anticipate Spring.   Photo by Tolga Kilinc on Unsplash

2 Haikus: Crow

Hey beautiful people! ❤ I've recently been engrossed in the literary work of English poet Ted Hughes. He wrote a collection of poems called Crow: From The Life and Songs of the Crow, and this inspired the Haikus written below.   Crows caw, piercing shriek Flocks of black darken the sky Congregation roosts   Foraging... Continue Reading →

2 Haikus: Snowstorm Emma

Hey everyone. I haven't posted much this past week because I've been feeling crappy. I normally write more when I'm feeling down but the motivation tank has been running on empty lately. I'm doing much better now so I will be posting as usual 🙂 Anyway, as you can tell by the title I'm writing about snowstorms this... Continue Reading →

3am Broken Heart

In the small hours of the morning, I remember those wild summers filled with voracious hope when we kissed over and over again and promised one another we would love forever. Wild summers faded into bitter winters and over time the light that you shared with me began to wane. I attempted to stay sane,... Continue Reading →

The Sun

If you’ve ever had a chance to watch the sunrise you’ll know how special it is. Yesterday I forgot to shut my curtains properly and was greeted with the light from those vivid early morning hues. It was a pleasant change from being roused by my phones alarm clock which usually jars me out from... Continue Reading →

Urban Carnival

Cool drops of evening kisses moisten troubled foreheads, amid rush hours flight and flagrant streets of brick and granite. Reluctant souls roam defeated with fatigue due to another day toiling in the bustling jungle. A cosmopolitan swing in a frigid climate, figures weave and scurry in bitter breeze towards the familiar, insipid light of shelter.... Continue Reading →

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